Profile – Hylke Buisman

Hylke BuismanFor those who stumbled on my weblog randomly and have no idea who I am, I added this page to give a bit of background information about myself.

My name is Hylke Buisman. This is normally where the conversation gets interrupted: “Say that again?”, “How, did you say?”. Yes, I found that my name is not an easy one to have here in the US. Luckily I have found some convenient mnemonics to explain the pronunciation of my name. It is like your “heel” (the back of your foot, that is), and then “ke” (as in ‘kernel’): “heel-ke”.

Originally I am from The Netherlands, where I did my Bachelor’s in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. Prior to that I lived with my parents in Apeldoorn, which is about an hour east of Amsterdam. I started this blog when I exchanged The Netherlands for California to do my Masters in Computer Science at Stanford University. During this program I specialized in the Artificial Intelligence, with a specific focus on the areas of Machine Learning and Data Mining. In addition I have followed in depth courses in the fields of Computer Vision and Robotics. During my two years at Stanford I have met a lot of great people and have made many good friends.

After graduation I started as Application Engineer at Oracle in Redwood Shores as part of my Academic Training program. Here I worked on various projects, among which Social CRM and Partner Relationship Management. After close to 3 years in the US the Old Continent is calling again as I will be moving to Zurich, Switzerland to start my job as a Software Engineer at Google.